Accomplish Math Learning Center provides one-on-one tutoring in Math. We also offer  Math classes covering various topics.

Accomplish Math Learning Center

Services Offered

  • Individual tutoring
  • Online tutoring
  • In-home tutoring
  • Summer fun classes

Our Tutors

Tutors are qualified in the area of Math. Many of our staff  members are college students ,college graduates or college professors.

Vendor List (Approved)

  • Compass Charter School
  • Valiant Academy
  • Inspire Charter School
  • Epic Charter
  • iLead
  • Summit Academy

Home school Math Classes

Let's make math fun while learning!! 

 All classes will include fun methods of learning math and variety of games. The private classes will be presented by an instructor with pre-planned lessons covering that particular topic primarily focusing on "everyday math" examples. Students will be provided with detailed notes,sample problems, and study tips.Classes incorporate "Real Life" problems.

Private lessons

If you're interested in another math topic not listed below simply inform us and we will do our best to create a class to meet your needs. Sign-up for one of the following scheduled classes meeting  1-hour a week class on Thursdays 10:30am.  

Online $100 (Grades 4-6) Monthly Schedule. Choose the topic you would like to enroll in.

Untangling Multiplication (Sept 7th)
This class will breakdown the walls and untangle multiplications for the dreaded 4 multiplication facts (6/7/8/9's).

We will focus on various methods of learning multiplications including operating long multiplication with ease.

Divide and Conquer (Oct 5th)
Learn the step-by-step process of long division. Primary focus will be on learning 2-digit and 3-digit division problems.

Exploring the World of Order of Operations (Nov 2nd)
Learn the steps of completing order of operations with ease and fun.

Fight the Fear of Fractions (Jan 4, 2018)
this class will cover basic fractions, addition/subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Dare to do Decimals (Feb 1, 2018)
Learn the relationship of decimals with fractions, addition/subtraction decimals, multiplication, and division.

​Critical Thinking/Problem Solving Word Problems (March 1st)
This class is great for changing student attitudes toward mathematics. We will teach them the importance of real-world math problems. Critical thinking questions help your students start thinking conceptually and reasoning mathematically. We will tap students' higher-order thinking skills and it will help them make sense of math and find connections.

Proficiency with Percents (April 5th)
Explore the link between fractions and decimals by solving percents.

Interesting Integers (May 3rd)
Building the connections between positive and negative numbers.


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